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  • Ingestion of rat baits

    Jul 15 2021

    gisbornevc | News & information

    Australia wide seems to have been affected by the increasing numbers of rats and mice. They are seeking out warmth and food in any area possible, which may include barns…

  • Winter exercise for dogs

    Jun 16 2021

    gisbornevc | News & information

    During the colder days, it’s so easy to grab your favourite blanket and snuggle up in front of the fireplace with a hot drink. But what about our fur baby…

  • Recognizing pain and discomfort in animals

    Apr 28 2021

    gisbornevc | News & information

    It is expected that animals experience pain even if they cannot exactly perceive or communicate it in the same way people do, but recognising pain or discomfort in animals is…

  • Pet Rabbits

    Mar 31 2021

    gisbornevc | News & information

    Rabbits make great pets. General care for rabbits includes appropriate housing, exercise, socialisation and a specific diet. Some breeds of rabbits, particularly the longer haired rabbits, may require daily grooming.…

  • Chocolate doesn’t mix with dogs

    Mar 11 2021

    gisbornevc | News & information

    April brings around the celebration of Easter, which many people will recognise as a holiday of religious significance and others will celebrate the arrival of the Easter Bunny and chocolate.…

  • Australian Bat Lyssavirus (ABLV)

    Mar 11 2021

    gisbornevc | News & information

    There are approximately 90 species of bats living within the borders of Australia, a small portion of the 1240 species identified from around the world. The Australian bats range in…

  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

    Feb 24 2021

    gisbornevc | News & information

    FIV (Feline immunodeficiency Virus) is a disease that is transmitted from bite wounds by infected cats. The wounds are contaminated by the saliva of the infected cat and the virus…

  • Feline vaccinations

    Feb 18 2021

    gisbornevc | News & information

    Feline diseases can be fatal in some cases. Luckily, there are protocols put in place to help protect them from getting sick. Although we can never guarantee 100% coverage, the…

  • Equine Strangles and Tetanus

    Feb 11 2021

    gisbornevc | News & information

    Horses will routinely be vaccinated again strangles and tetanus. The protocol is outlined below:   So, what is Strangles? Strangles is a highly contagious disease, spread by direct contact of…

  • Canine immunisations

    Feb 04 2021

    gisbornevc | News & information

    When puppies are born, they suckle from their mother who will provide a form of immunity through the milk. Once they reach 6-8 weeks of age and begin to wean…