Anjee Anderson

Small Animal Receptionist

Anjee has always had a love of animals, growing up with her grandparents house full of cats, dogs, guinea pigs and all sorts of birds, Anjee had the first sit on her Mum’s horse as a baby. Anjee read probably ALL horse books in existence by age 10! Always had family pets, but her first was a beautiful Lab/Cocker Spaniel named Lucy. She could sit and fetch the first day Anjee picked her up. She waited for her until she was 27yo, and she was worth it.

Anjee love’s looking after animals, returning the love they give us. Anjee is also a big believer in TRAINING and believe’s so many issues arise from animals not having this. Often the pet’s behaviour is blamed, rather than owner taking responsibility for training that pet how to behave/not to behave. An untrained dog becomes ANNOYING & UNMANAGEABLE, an untrained horse becomes DANGEROUS – and ultimately the pets pay the price for our lack of training knowledge.

Anjees goal is to train horses on the ground, so that they are safe to handle and eventually ride. Anjee would love to teach these skills to others. Unlike puppy school/obedience, Anjee feels there really is a gap in affordable access to this type of horse training – most training focuses on riding only. Dogs are generally quite simple regarding training, they generally want to please. Horses are completely different as they are flight animals – we are a natural predator. We need to show them we are their comfort zone and they are safe with us. This requires a totally different approach which fascinates Anjee.