Lost & Found

In the case of an animal becoming lost, to aid in getting your pet home quickly and safely, all animals are microchipped.
This tiny implant is placed under the skin of your animal, and contains a number which is then linked to a database which holds all details provided by an owner. As a registered scanning centre, the Gisborne Veterinary Clinic can access this database to help reunite you with your pet.

Some animals who have recently moved house or owners who have new phone numbers, are unable to be reunited through this system. Lost animals that require temporary accommodation and care may be found in shelters listed below:


Other helpful websites:

Contact Us

If you still have no luck finding your missing pet send the following information to the E-mail listed below.

  • Your pets name
  • Your pets breed
  • A clear description
  • A photograph no larger than 300 x 200 pixels
  • Your name
  • Your contact details Address, Phone

Email: reception@gisbornevets.com.au

We also have Facebook, which you are more than welcome to send in the above details to us to post, or post a general message to our page. Community facebook pages can also be helpful finding your lost pet.

Missing Pets with Microchips

Central Animal Records

For information on animals that are Microchipped

Ph: 03-9706 3187
Web site: www.car.com.au

In the case of a lost dog or cat with a microchip please call Central Animal Records for reporting, also your local council pound, and The Gisborne Veterinary Clinic can be helpful in the location of your lost pet. If the animal is located by any of the above sources your animal will be scanned for the microchip, and contact will then be made with you via one of the contact numbers attached to the animals microchip records.

Important Information Regarding Microchipping

If any of your personal details change, contact should be made with Central Animal Records, or any other database you are registered with, to inform them, as this information is the only way for them to contact you in the case of a lost animal.