Your Best Friend Could Be in Pain but Can’t Tell You.

In many ways, cats and dogs are like their owners. As they get older, they start to suffer from aches and pains they never experienced when they were young – no wonder they start to slow down!

As with humans, the cause of aches and pains in senior cats or dogs is often arthritis. But unlike their owners, senior pets can’t call their doctor and make an appointment when they start to “feel their age”.

Possible signs of arthritis:

               Changes in routine:

  • Unwilling to climb stairs
  • Hesitant to play/initiate play
  • Increased time sleeping
  • Unwilling to go out

               Changes in hygiene:

  • Poor grooming/matted hair in cats
  • Inappropriate urination or cats not using litter tray

               Changes in character:

  • Biting/vocalisation when stroked
  • Anxiety/aggression
  • Reduced interest in people and their environment
  • Just not themselves

That’s why we recommend regular health checks for your senior pets. A simple consultation could save your pet from unnecessary pain. We’ll look for early signs of stiff joints and recommend a suitable treatment program. This could include some diet changes, exercises for dogs and suitable medication aimed at reducing pain and inflammation.

Arthritis is an extremely common condition that affects up to 1 in 3 cats(3) and 1 in 4 dogs(1,2). It can affect not only your pet’s mobility, but also their quality of life. Fortunately, arthritis can be managed.

So, give us a call to make an appointment and to discuss the simple, effective treatments that are available. With on-going treatment your cat or dog doesn’t have to needlessly suffer from the pain of arthritis and has the best chance of doing all the things they love.

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