Dec 30 2021

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Another year is about to come to an end.

The past 12 months certainly has been full of ups & downs. Luckily, I’m a cat and easily get through the day with cuddles, food and naps.

We have seen lock downs, limited movement through the town, humans having to wear masks, stinky hand sanitiser, and rules of keeping our distance between each other.
I’m happy that once Christmas came around, that we could all spend time with our loved ones, and we could take time out to remember those who helped make memories but could not be with us any more.

Some of my memories have been collaborated, please watch my video below to remember some of the visits of our furry and feathered friends

Of course I could not include my life time of memories, but I will not forget the memories you all helped me make so far.

One little kitten that will be starting 2022 with a new family, is Ava. She is our new addition to the rehome program. Stay tuned for her profile and details

We are beginning to make some plans for our new year, 2022. We have got our paws crossed that nothing stands in our way to complete the tasks.

Remember that hot weather can be hard on animals, so please help us out with shade, water, ice blocks and cool wet towels. Wildlife critters could do with some extra water bowls stashed around the grounds.
The next few days is going to be super hot!

New Year’s Eve is also approaching. Please comfort your pets who may be frightened of loud fireworks that are set off. Allow them a comfortable hiding spot, indoors where you can. And just incase they get too scared and run away, ensure that your microchip details are up to date (central animal records:, so they can safely be returned home.

I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating the arrival of 2022. Please stay safe and I will see you all in the new year.

With all the love I can give for 2021,


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