Jan 13 2022

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And I am officially back. The fresh air did me good. I am glad to be back again though. I have been chatting with many people about my adventure, and now it’s time to get back to work.

Pearl and I began by making sure the garden was kept well and that the path was all clear.

Chilli the cat was in for routine desexing. Lucky cat was rugged up so warm!

Frankie the schnauser also came in for routine desexing. She preferred to unravel from her snuggly blanket though.

Nurse Kim’s dog Gizmo came in for a skin visit. Gizmo has super itchy skin so she is trialing cytopoint injections. Marvelous stuff that cytopoint. Gizmo was spoilt with attention and treats from Kalinda

We also had Star in for Dr Dieuwerke to complete an ultrasound on her heart. Star is 13 years old!

If you have seen my humans social post in regards to our Covid update, my humans will be re-introducing density limits in our consultation rooms- 1 person per pet.

To enter the clinic, you do also require your own Covid vaccination (x2). Although it doesn’t suit everyone, keeping our staff safe means that we can continue to help your pets.

We are also filling up our schedules very quickly so routine check-ups may be delayed. Have no fear! If your pet’s vaccination needs to be held off a few weeks, there will not be any problems! Our reception and nursing staff will be triaging the phone calls coming through.
Emergency clinics are also under staffed but are still needed, so please remember to be kind to all the humans who are doing their best under these circumstances.
My humans will be running nursing consults on Monday and Tuesday afternoons for pentosan injections, nail trims, anal gland expressions, routine desexing suture removals as well as triaging. If you are unsure if your pet needs to be seen by a vet, have a chat with my humans on reception or my nursing team.

At this point in time, many clinics will not be seeing any new clients. In the case of an emergency, my reception team can assist with triaging and determine the best plan for any new or existing clients.

It is trying times and pushing everyone to their limits but together we will make it through. Stay strong. Stay healthy. I am looking forward to your visit.

Love always,



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