Mar 17 2022

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The long weekend brought some sunshine to the towns. A few beautiful days to be out and around town. I certainly have enjoyed escaping through the open doors to breath in that fresh air.

On Saturday, my very own Dr Dieuwerke headed off up north to help some of the animals who have been caught up in the affects of the floods. She has provided care to many animals and seen the destruction caused by such a natural disaster.
On Monday, Nurse Meaghan joined her to assist with further care. Meaghan met “Donkey”, who lost his paddock companions and is now under the care of Dr Adam from Wangaratta and Nurse Meaghan, to help nurse him back to good health.

Animals of all shapes and sizes have been affected, luckily there are plenty of humans volunteering their time to help. Nurse Meaghan and Dr Dieuwerke have kindly provided me with a few images so far, but more can be found at the Facebook site of Vets for Compassion. They are sharing some of the stories, some heart breaking, some with a happy ending.


With the communities working together, along with people travelling from all over Australia, the towns will return to what they were (with a lot of work!)

Back in the clinic, my humans are keeping up with vaccinations, nail trims, dental care, ear infections…. the works!
We have students back on board completing placements and experiencing all that comes with working in a clinic.

My humans have our online booking system back up and running for our companion animal services so if you need something to do at 2am, jump onto our website to book your appointment. Just remember, if it is an emergency, or you are unsure if it an emergency, then you should call rather than wait for an appointment.

Also, for an early note, April is approaching fast which means Easter, which means delicious chocolate!
Chocolate should not be shared. Keep it to yourself.
Information about chocolate toxicity can be found in the library section of our website. We will also post information in the coming weeks.

And that is all for this week. See you all next week.


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