Jun 01 2022

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Our past 7 days has been busy for the whole team. Having winter among us now, the cold & flu season is also commencing and as we do our best to ensure the best health for our furry (and some not so furry) friends, our humans have also been affected by health concerns, which is affecting our availability.
With all staff getting up to date with vaccinations, just like their pets, we are fighting against all illness’s that we possibly can, but unfortunately we can’t win all battles.
Please continue to utilize hand sanitizer, wear your mask within the clinic and keep your distance from other people when you can.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Darwin the cat has recently joined us in the country after travelling from America to be here. We hope he and his family settle in to the Macedon Ranges well, and enjoy the area as much as the rest of us do.

Lochie is a 14 year  old Chihuahua cross.  He now has a superb smile and some fresh breath. He is happy to be home now, cuddling with his mum.

Soxy the cat boarded with us for the week while DR Russell had some time off. Although we’re not the best of friends, I welcome her to my home.

Another note on the cold weather-
With reducing temperatures, pets with arthritis or joint issues may be affected by the decreasing temperatures so we ask that pets have their jumpers, jackets, rugs or any other options that may be available, in use over the coming months.
Warm beds and shelter will assist with animals staying comfortable.
We will be doing many check ups on aging pets and those who have had joint surgeries, like cruciate repairs, in the past. Some may require injections, which can be administered by your vet and they will also be examining pets to see if on going medication is suitable for them.
Those with pets indoors can provide additional heat sources, but please also take caution with this, that your pet doesn’t fall asleep too close to a heat source.

Over the next 2 week, my blog will be put on hold as my human assistant will be off to a conference to extend her knowledge in animal care.

I will be out and about in the reception area at varying times to help make your visit better, so keep an eye out for me and we can do cuddles.

See you all soon.

Love, Barry.

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