Jul 18 2019

Barry’s Blog

Welcome to another Barry’s blog. 

This week I was given my vaccination and annual health check. It did not impress me but I was given the all clear with perfect health except my teeth. The humans now want to clean my teeth. I will allow Dr Telisha to do this next week.
The vaccination made me feel a little sleepy for a few days but didn’t dull my appetite for a good meal. 

I’ve also been watching the birds on YouTube. They are great entertainment. Nurse Nicole finds me some great videos to watch. If you find something you think I might like, please show me when you come to the clinic. 

Dr Russell, alongside his surgery sidekick Travis, have completed a couple of orthopedic surgeries recently. The clinic often sees these injuries in the canine companions ( Because they are crazy and run around like nutters!) but we also have some poor cats who find themselves in such a predicament and require the ligament repair. D’angelis, TTA, TPLO….. oh, they’re just a bunch of letters to me. But really, Dr Russell is a great surgeon and thoroughly enjoys his orthopedic surgery.



By this time next week, my smile will be bright and my breath will be refreshing.

Until then….. over & out.


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  1. Rachel says:

    You are awesome Barry

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