Jun 25 2020

Barry’s Blog 25.6.20

Good evening to my Favorite bunch of People!

What a week. I have been loving having you all back in the clinic! (I have been missing all your cuddles)

Sadly, we have reverted back some minor restrictions due to the silly virus. You can still come into the reception area to have cuddles with myself. You just have to remain under my watchful eye while your furry or feathered companion is cared for by the vet and nurse for their visit. This will remain until further notice. The humans here say your pets are all so brave during their visits. 

My humans were quite impressed with a carrier that brought in a cat almost and good looking as me. So I pondered to myself, what would I look like in yellow?

But it may have suited my friend better. Yellow is not my colour. What do you think?

I met Hugo, the young French Bulldog puppy who dropped in for a vaccination booster. He was such a brave pup!

Out in the field:

This week Dr Jemma and Nurse Tania helped introduced this little lamb into the world. Congratulations Dolly.

Pearl was brave enough to venture out into the rain on Wednesday morning. I just enjoyed the crisp fresh air under the shaded area

The beautiful Labrador, Chloe spent a day with us for a procedure

We have had lots of wildlife in this week. Today we had a baby Joey who’s mum was sadly hit by a car. The little Joey is nice and healthy. She has gone off to our amazing wildlife carers. 


Specials in the clinic:

Advocate 6 month packs 20% off until the end of June! So if your fur babies are due for their monthly treatment or you just want to take advantage this awesome deal contact my family today!  

Also for all you older Dogs –  4cyte have a promo bag 4cyte granules 125g for the same price as the 100g!! for the month of June or until sold out. 

If you have any questions about our specials give us a call and speak to our amazing receptionists! 

I have been keeping a eye on the front desk….

If I stare at them long enough they give me treats!!! Yum!!

I hope you have all been staying safe, until next week!

Lots of love,

Barry and Pearl xx

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