Jan 02 2020

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WELCOME TO 2020!!!!!

I was having such a great time on my holiday that I didn’t get around to one last blog for 2019. Well, a new year, a new start. 

I had a wonderful time on my holiday with Pearl. We stayed at Nurse Tania’s house up in the beautiful Macedon. The sounds of nature, the fresh air, strange new creatures to see. A little echidna came to introduce itself to myself and Pearl. What an interesting experience. And I know I promised some photo’s but we were having such an amazing time that I forgot to take some photo’s.

But I am also excited to be back at the clinic to see all of my human friends again. Loving the cuddles!!!!

I’ve spent a bit of time waiting for you all to come visit me…..

The other animals who you may be familiar with from the clinic, Eddie (potentially looking for a new home) and Ben, have also been enjoying the great outdoors

Bath time for them!

All clean again 🙂

We finished 2019 with Dr Jemma treating a ram here in my home. That was so exciting!

I hope you all had a great time bringing in the new year. May 2020 bring you lots of wonderful things and experiences. See you all soon.

Love, Barry.


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