Mar 26 2020

Barry’s Blog 26.3.20

Hi Everyone! We have had a busy week! 

With COVID-19 still on everyone’s mind I have had some exciting and happy news this week 🙂 

I found out that one of our amazing Large animal veterinarians,

Dr Jemma got engaged! I am very excited for her! 








We had a few patients in hospital today with Dr Dan. Meet Little Jessie she came into day to be desexed. 


This is her all wrapped up with a heat mat and some hotties (little warm water bottles)

Sparky helped out today with showcasing personal protective gear 🙂 I think she liked that she got lots of treats! 

We have lots of hand sanitiser for Clients and Staff to use when entering and leaving  the clinic. 

I made a new friends today too! Mini and her human Mum Luisa came in today. This is where my human Family want patients to wait for the Vet. ‘X’ marks the spot!  

Each of our Vets has a nurse helping them. The Nurse will come into the waiting room and collect the animal that needs to be seen into the consult room with the vet. While their human waits for them in the waiting room. 

Jet and His owner Sandy had an appointment with Dr Russel and Nurse Mel today. 

Keeping the 1.5 meters from each other is a lot easier than in the consult room 🙂  

I have two of My little furry friends looking for a home! This is Little Banjo, he and his brother Jasper are now 8 weeks old. Their little sister Rosie has already found a home.

If you are looking for a new addition to your family please give this clinic a call. They are looking forward to going to their forever home 🙂 

Look forward to seeing you all next week, Be safe!

Love Barry xx


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One thought on “Barry’s Blog 26.3.20”

  1. Rhodd Davies says:

    Dear Barry,

    My little puppy has an appt to be de-sexed tomorrow and I am thinking we should re-schedule due to the coronavirus. As the op is non-urgent do you agree? Back in the UK that’s what’s happening.
    Ruth & Bobby

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