Jan 09 2020

Barry’s Blog

Another wonderful week at the Gisborne Vet Clinic. My home 🙂

Pearl & I had a delicious breakfast today. 

We also have a box in our room with some interesting smells to it

On Saturday we enjoyed the company of a koala. He had a pretty sore ear. The amazing Dr Charlotte got up close and personal with that guy to help him out. The team at Wildlife Victoria are now looking after him.

The humans here are doing some awesome teeth cleaning this week. Lots of dogs and cats with beautiful clean teeth like me

If your teeth are looking like this:

It is time to book in for a check up.

Ben is again snoozing the day away in the reception area. He does enjoy some cuddles when he is awake

And some of my human friends shared their lunch space with me

I had a bad hair day one day

But was back to myself soon enough helping out with work

And I will work hard again all this coming week 

See you all again soon.

Love Barry.

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