Jul 25 2019

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This past week I’ve been anticipating the work they were planning on doing with my teeth.


Good news….. I have a beautiful clean smile and refreshing breath. The toothpaste is bubblegum flavor. Delicious! I can see the white cat is so envious of my magnificent smile. Check it out!


I wasn’t too keen on having my food taken away from me last night but the humans explained that it was best practice for my aneasthetic today. They were kind enough to do all the work while I was sleeping because they thought I would stress too much about everything. I wasn’t stressed after the first injection. It made me so relaxed.  




This is my x-ray image showing my molars and the big gap is where my missing upper right canine tooth should be. Why do they call it “canine”? It should rightfully be called “feline”




I did wake a little dazed and confused but after some cuddles, everything was back to normal


Looking forward to seeing you at your next visit.

Cheers, Baz.

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