Apr 09 2020

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Hi Everyone did you know that…. 

The Easter bunny is coming!!!

My family here have been eating lots of chocolate already! They love it!

Benny, Pearl and I are not allowed to have any cause it will make us sick BUT they have been giving us Greenies and Liver treats instead (Personally I think they taste a lot better)

Dr Rohan & Nurse Tania and Dr Jemma & Nurse Lucy have been super busy out in the field this week. 

Here Freddie had his teeth seen to by Dr Rohan,  Jordie & Bear were on supervising duty!

Bellator also got his done and Luca was on duty supervising!

I think they are doing a great job don’t you?

Each morning I make sure my family lets me outside for my daily stretches (I will meow a lot if they are not paying attention, they are easily distracted doing other important stuff)


We had lots of bright coloured leaves outside! 

Sparky got her mum to send me some photos of what she has been up to!

“Gardening day: Soaking up the warm sun 🙂 Mum and I are growing veggies! Broccoli and Cauliflower are growing well. I will send you more photos next week! Love Sparky xx”

Kenzie, Dr Telisha’s fur baby turned 10 years old last week! 

My family all thought she was sooo cute in her little birthday hat!

(I’m secretly glad I’m not the one wearing the hat!)

My human family have been busy updating all their policy’s relating to COVID-19, they are also sending out emails with information to all of our wonderful clients. If you haven’t been getting them please contact my family and they will add or update your email address so you can receive them.

All of my little furry friends found their forever homes last week!



Little Rosie, Jacko (was Jasper) and Banjo. 

It was sad to see them go but very exciting for them to have a family of their own.





I just wanted to let you all know that I will not be here over the long weekend and either will my human family.

But they said for you all not to worry as we will have one of our amazing Vet’s and Nurse on call for any emergency’s you may have. Just call the clinic like normal and follow the prompts.  

Pearl and I are going on a mini holiday over the long weekend! To Aunty Tania’s (Nurse Tania) place.


I will get her to take lots of photos so I can show you all what I get up to! 


I hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter long weekend with your fur babies. 

Lots of Love 

Barry and Pearl xx



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