Aug 02 2019

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Wow, the past week has been so busy! The humans have certainly been working hard this week. And I got to watch them do it all.

Some days I don’t understand them though. I waited at the door for them to let me through, I even asked politely. By the time someone opened the door for me, I decided I didn’t want to go through anymore. So they allowed the door to close, but I then changed my mind and so again, I asked politely to go through. By the time someone got to the door, I again decided not to go through because they took so long. 

The humans have me on a diet and they do feed me twice a day, every day, but I found a new diet food and decided I would sample it. For some reason, the humans then took the food away from me. I did enjoy it while I could. There are a few more different types of diet foods out front so I will have a think about which one I will sample next and let the humans know.

Dr Russell has gone on an adventure so his feline friend, Sox, has come to stay with us. She gets on my nerves sometimes. Hisses at me when all I do is walk past her. I don’t think she wants to be my friend. It’s only for a few weeks. I can deal with that. She doesn’t like humans as much as I do so she will probably just be unsocial and hang out down the back of the clinic. 

I sadly had to say goodbye to my human friend Amelie yesterday. She’s a great vet. She spent 8 wonderful weeks with us, and helped look after all the animals around town. She is super sweet. Someone in the clinic ate her chocolate stash on her last day so I made the humans buy her more.

Although I will miss her greatly, we made some great memories and I wish her all the best at her next clinic. 

Love always,



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  1. Rachel says:

    You rock Barry

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