May 21 2020

Barry’s Blog

Hello everybody,

This eventful week has kept our humans busy, but we would also like to make sure everyone out there is doing well. My humans gave me the thumbs up to show they are doing well.

We also spotted some rainbows sitting over Gisborne. What a beautiful morning to wake up to this

I wasn’t too keen on standing out in the rain though



We had a few wildlife visitors this week including a patient for Dr Russell to suture a wound on. Nurse Mel kept him comfortably asleep for the procedure and he went home to a carer while it heals completely.

And some of our senior canine patients this week

And the lucky horses get special heaters for their check ups with Dr Rohan

Dr Russell likes to do fist pumps with me

I was also given a new box to play with. Well, I sat with it for a little

I spent some time helping our reception staff

And I ventured into some different cupboards that I had not been into before


And let’s head off for some more adventures. 

Until next week, rug up and stay warm.

Love, Barry.




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