Jul 02 2020

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I didn’t finish last week so great. As I ran through an opening door, I didn’t see what was on the other side, which was a scary dog that grabbed my fur. I came out with a bit of shock and some pieces of my lovely coat missing but my humans cared for me passionately. Even Pearl comforted me in my time of need. Either that or she thought I was a suitable warming body.

My humans took on the fun task of doing stock take this week. Sparky helped out with marking stock with stickers 

I helped checked the food stocks

And then just checked over other merchadise 

Some of our patients over the past week. In for many different reasons but very well behaved for us. We have had Lump removals, dental procedures, desexings, TTA cruciate repairs, abdominal ultrasounds, cardiac ultrasounds and much, much more.

Nurse Amy has been busy in the kitchen. The humans aren’t sharing with me though 🙁 

One of the local residents had a sad story to tell. We felt very honored to have him in our presence

It was definitely a very eventful week this past 7 days. I look forward to updating you with another 7 days of adventures next week.

Love always,





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