Jul 24 2020

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Hello Humans!
Better late than never.

This past 7 days has been an adventure with a large variety of species coming through the clinic. We have had not only the cats and the dogs, but guinea pigs, rabbits, lizards, birds, wallabys & kangaroos. It certainly has been keeping us busy. 

My humans would also like to take a moment to say thank you for your understanding and cooperation with the current situation. We know there are lots of questions regarding what you can and cannot do within the clinic. To remind you of what our current policies are:

  • Our front doors will be locked. Please call our reception staff upon your arrival
  • Any human from a restricted zone will be asked to remain in their car if their animal has an appointment with us. A staff member will happily collect your pet from the vehicle. Please contact reception by phone at your arrival
  • Only humans & pets with an appointment will be allowed into the clinic. Please phone reception at arrival. You will be asked to utilize the hand sanitizer upon arrival and exiting. We will also have a limited supply of masks available. The humans will provide further instructions for you once you have come inside. A staff member will be keeping your animal comfortable during their consultation as you wait in reception.
  • If you are coming in for an appointment, we are limiting the entry to ONE person per animal. If you have small children with you, we can have a nurse collect the animal from the car and communication with the vet can be completed by phone
  • If you are living within a restricted zone and your appointment is not urgent, it may be able to be delayed- have a chat with my humans at reception
  • If you are needing to purchase anything from within the clinic (e.g. food or medication) we ask that you phone ahead to pre-order and pay over the phone when possible.
  • On arrival to the clinic, please phone us to notify our staff of your arrival for both appointment and food/medication collection. If you are not able pay over the phone, we do have mobile eftpos facilities available
  • Animals booked for a surgical procedure will be collected from the car after you have contacted the humans at reception 
  • Animals being picked up at the end of the day will be brought to you or your car
  • Appointments for our travelling vets may be restricted depending on where you live. Our team will be available to chat if you have any concerns

In other news, our consult room make over is well underway. Painting is near complete for our current rooms. And I may have a special surprise lined up in the near future too. Some visitors have witnessed our handyman helping out with moving some of our products in reception. I shall keep you posted

Some of my visitors this week have been melting the hearts of the humans with their sweetness

Wishing you all a wonderful week. See you all next week.

Love, Barry


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