Aug 06 2020

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The time has come. What the humans have described as the 2nd wave, has arrived. It makes me sad, but I have told the humans here to close the doors to the outside world. I am not a fan. I feel I will once again become super needy for attention. But that is what life is bringing us right now. If you are feeling down, cuddle your furry and feathered friends or talk to another human.

I have taken advantage of the company coming through the doors up until this week. Thank you to everyone who provided me with the cuddles I require in this time of need. Your amazing pals have been such good patients for my humans, as always.

And it wouldn’t be a complete week without some wildlife critters

I have been doing my usual check on the different areas of the clinic- checking stock is adequate and ensuring the bedding is comfortable and pre-warmed for the patients.

I have been supervising the building of the new room. This is coming along nicely. Once the internal part starts looking like a normal room, I shall show you some images.

And in my free time, I have watched a little bit of television

August is also the month we like to do a little promotion on oral health.
Each time you have an oral exam during the month of August, we have a special bag of goodies for your dog or cat to go home with.

DR Jemma has kindly offered a special offer for the horses. A dental procedure for your equine friend, 2 in1 vaccine and a faecal egg count for $240!

Pearl helped put together some of the show-bags

Although our lifestyles are changing dramatically, please stay safe, stay distanced, keep your mask on and stay happy. I love you all.

See you all again in a few weeks.

Love always,


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