Aug 27 2020

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Dental month is still in full swing! Have my humans checked your pets teeth and oral cavity? They have been checking mine. There are still a few more days to take up the offer of a free dental check this month! 
There is such of variety of things to check in the mouth and my humans are always happy to have a chat about it. We also have a little bit of information available on our website- 

And Dr Jemma still has a few days left of her special offer too- Equine dental, 2 in 1 vaccine and faecal egg count all for $240!!!

Our visitors coming into the clinic have had my humans saying ” awww”, alot. 

And for a moment I thought Nurse Amy had teamed up with a tiny dog to help her create footprints on her mask

And we had Leo come through for a big procedure to remove his broken tail

And our new consult room will soon be up and running. This should be on the go from September. Unfortunately I am not allowed to open the doors up just yet for you all to see but the time will roll around quickly



My weekly wildlife photo

Stay safe and well everybody. Catch you all next week.

Love, Barry

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