Sep 03 2020

Barry’s Blog

What a windy week. I hope you battened down the hatches! 

And Spring has arrived! This is bringing out some new animals into the world, along with some blossom in the trees.

Our new consult room is stocked and already in use. 

It seems a good time for some hair cuts. Not for me though. I like my hair. Puss likes her hair cut though

Sparky has been out admiring the world


And some superb visitors this week have had a range or reasons for visiting- alongside the haircuts, we have been doing a lot of dental procedures, desexings, plenty of annual check-ups and vaccinations

And the beginning of equine breeding season has commenced which means a large amount of pathology tests


Pearl and I have been playing hide and seek

And my weekly wildlife picture. This little one didn’t handle the wind too well. I think he needs a bit more flight practice

Have a good week everybody. Love to you all.

Love always, Barry

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