Aug 15 2019

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Snow report!

Did you all get to see the snow? How cool was it?
So cold! But just as many of you did, I took the opportunity to venture out there. Just for a sneak peek. And Pearl did too. Bit chilly on our cute little paws so back into the warmth for us. Hopefully next weekend brings another round of snow so we can have another play out there. Only about 5 minutes needed. Too cold.


I’ve been getting along better with Soxy this week. Though I think she’s getting a little home sick. I would too. I love living at the clinic. So many friendly faces everyday, as well as lots of other creatures. Have seen plenty of rabbits this week. Pearl and I were kept away from them. The humans thought we were going to play too rough . Guess they were just being cautious. But Pearl and I had some cuddles. Pearl, for some reason loves one particular cage and she even stayed in there for the next 2 hours just chillin’. I, on the other hand, went looking for something a little more entertaining. 


So I went outside to enjoy some sunshine. Which I will probably do again tomorrow. And the next day. But only a few minutes. It’s scary outside. And warmer inside. So until the warmer weather comes back, stay warm out there.

See you all next week.


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