Nov 12 2020

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Friday just gone, saw the last shift of Nurse Zoe, who will now be on maternity leave. She is soon expecting her new human to arrive into the world. We wish her all the best and hope to be seeing her again soon. I have really enjoyed her company over the past few months. 

We had a lizard brought into the clinic after it was found locally and seemed a little quiet. My humans have been caring for it and it will soon be released. It now has a great appetite and is full of energy again

Cruzoe was visiting the clinic. He had a general anaesthetic to remove a lump on his belly. It was a big job but Dr Dan cruised through it

We have had 3 kittens brought into our adoption program (PER#: EE108524). I admit, I do have a favourite. I enjoy their company, but once they get bigger, I am more than happy to go to their forever homes. The 2 little gray boys have already found their new homes. The little champagne fuzzball (my favourite!), is still looking for a new family.

Jax the boxer came in for his dressing change. Dr Dan applied his artwork- The Flying Spaghetti Monster!

And the humans are in the process of organising the Paws In The Park Fundraiser. Local businesses have already started donating items for the event which will occur in December. The event will include the showbags available for purchase, raffle prizes and a silent auction!

With so many humans at this clinic, it feels like celebrating birthdays is almost a weekly occurrence. Happy Birthday Dr Jane!

Dr Jane’s patient, Henry, was so chilled! He fell asleep during his check up!

It makes me feel like a nap too!

Before I go, a little note to remind everyone on our COVID-19 update: our doors are currently open to all humans. We have limits on the amount of people within the reception area but owners are welcome to attend the check-up with their pets. Social distancing and mask wearing is a requirement to enter the building. We also have hand sanitizer for use upon entry and exit of the building. If you are collecting medication or food, if you organise payment prior to collection, it speeds up the process a little. We can still organise payment once you enter the clinic at the time of collection, if required.

Have a wonderful week. See you next Thursday.

Love, Barry.



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