Nov 19 2020

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In recent weeks, we have seen a few cases of possible snake bites. My furry friends have been very lucky in that their play time with the slithering creatures has not resulted in harm. My humans are well trained for these emergencies and have anti-venom on hand if it is needed. If your pet has been interacting with a snake and possibly been bitten, contact your vet as soon as possible.

All of my fur babies now have a fur-ever home. I will enjoy their company for another few short weeks before they head out to their new families. (PER#: EE108524)

I will be spending some time playing papa Barry until they head off

Maggie the cairn terrier came in for her procedure. Almost as perfect a patient as I am. Look at her, so comfy and all rugged up in a warm blanket. I too, enjoy doing that.

Oscar the tonkinese cat came in for a dental procedure. It’s very important to look after your teeth!

Buster got to hang out with us-

Sparky’s DNA results have returned to the clinic. What an incredible mix! The ancestry goes back to great grandparents and the tests check for DNA of around 200 breeds, of which quite a few were recognized in Sparky!

Would you have guessed any of these? We didn’t have anyone guess the exact breeds identified from the test, but there were 4 people who guessed at least one of the breeds.
There were many guesses for Kelpie, Corgi and Jack Russell Terrier, but none of the DNA for these breeds was found!

All the winners have been notified. Congratulations!

Wow! What a week!

Have a great 7 days and I will see you soon.

Love, Barry.

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