Aug 22 2019

Barry’s Blog

Hello everybody!

Hope you all had a great week. I’ve had an entertaining week. 

I played with Soxy. I may have another new friend coming to live at the clinic ( I will confirm those details next week for you all if he decides to stay). I played with cardboard boxes. I bathed in the sun. I helped with washing. Busy, busy, busy.

I heard a funny joke too. Do you want to hear it?

Why do cats always get their own way? They have a friendly purr-suasian!

Ha ha ha, made me laugh.


I had my monthly advocate treatment too. So glad the humans have designed such a product that it only slightly annoys me. It really only annoys me because they trick me into thinking I am getting some cuddles when really they are sneaking the liquid treatment onto my back. But all for the best I guess.

Some of the dogs coming through this week were a bit moody. I stayed clear of them. Didn’t want to lose a toe. Maybe it’s the weather getting to them or that they know that cats like me, get better cuddles than them and they are just envious when they come to the clinic. Cats are PURR- fect. Dogs are dogs. 

I’m off to find a nice warm pile of washing fresh out of the dryer so I can have a nap before some new adventures. Have a great week everyone.

Love, Barry.


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