Jan 07 2021

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Happy New Year!

I had a wonderful holiday! Pearl & I listened to the birds singing every morning. The landscape was a beautiful sight to see.

I am also so very happy to be home to see all of my visiting humans with their pets (and I also missed my little teepee).
Our vets are as busy as ever and we are running very low on appointment slots. My humans have informed me that we are booking out for the coming weeks. We will do our best to fit everybody into our appointments but with the high demand, they are filling very quickly.

Surgery patients are enjoying the comfort of soft, fluffy, warm blankets

Though Chillie fell asleep and looked too comfortable to disturb for a photo

Chloe enjoyed watching the humans work. She seemed well entertained

Mao came in for a dental procedure. Cool Cat!

Maddie is a new addition to the family of our equine receptionist, Kalinda.
I like this kid. Quiet, yet fun and entertaining. You will often find her hanging out behind the reception desk. She is only 11weeks old. She sure has a lot to learn!

I am so glad to be back in the clinic. Thoroughly enjoying the company of the humans again. I will see you all when you pop in for a visit.

Love always,



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