Feb 11 2021

Barry’s Blog

Of all the amazing Barrys of the world, I came across this Barry recently. Barry is cool.

Who doesn’t love a guinea pig?

Dr Russell completed a dental procedure on Tzubi.

Poor Buzz had a sore leg. It’s hard to rest such an active pooch!

Piper was well rested after her procedure. We didn’t want to disturb her sleep

Archie had a teeth clean. Some nice clean teeth and fresh breath to go home with this week!

Nacho had his treatment down the back end. I will spare the details. He is definitely much happier now.

Dude came in with an injury with an unknown cause. Without any obvious wounds, it was discovered that she had dislocated her hip. Dr Dan put it back in place, strapped it up and sent her home for strict rest.

The weekly wildlife- a young ringtail possum dropped in for a visit. Concerned locals brought him in just to make sure he was OK. And he was. So we sent him home.

A local pet resident has gone missing this week. Please keep your eye out for him. His family want him home

If you sight Magnum the macaw, please contact us at the clinic.

Have a wonderful week. Love to you all.




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