Mar 25 2021

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This week, I was given this awesome box! The nurses filled it with fresh cat nip. This box was amazing!


Pearl had a turn too. 

I also found this box but it wasn’t the same. Boxes are one of my favourite things!

I also got to join in on one of the staff meetings. They had an update on 4cyte. A great product for joint health. Even Josh, our rep, uses the human version. He said the animal one tastes delicious, but the human one is formulated better for his own joints. 

Josh also said maintaining my weight will help with my own joint health, so I informed my humans that I needed another bag of weight management food. Luckily, it tastes delicious, and I know how to open it myself!

Kalinda has been working with our kitten re-homing program, with 2 kittens currently needing homes. Pearl the kitten went to her new home just yesterday so she has been desexed, microchipped and vaccinations given up to date. Here she is recovering from her operation, all wrapped up snuggly.

Here is Ginny in her playhouse at Gisborne. She is currently looking for her fur-ever home

Nurse Mel brought in her friend “Ky”. She has a tooth causing a few issues so Dr Russell helped out by removing it. 

Dr Dan completed procedures on small pets this week

Doja (comfortably sleeping under the drape), was in for a routine procedure this week

In preparation to the upcoming Easter celebrations, we are testing the quality of local hot cross buns. According to my humans, the pass the taste test. They recommend them to be lightly toasted and smothered with butter. 

With Easter coming up, my clinic will be closed for the long weekend. We will have a staff member on call to advise or treat your animal incase of an emergency so all you need to do is phone the landline and follow the prompts to the human on call. If you need medications or prescription food, please advise us early so we have it ready for collection prior to closing on Thursday evening.

Have a wonderful week and I will see you all soon.

Love, Barry

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