Apr 29 2021

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It’s been a dog kind of week. Many, many dogs coming for visits this week.

Hunter the Staghound came in for a dressing change. He recently had an incident while bravely protecting his family of chickens, which unfortunately had him come off second best. The incident was not witnessed, so nobody but Hunter himself knows exactly what happened.

With the help of Dr Russell, the leg is on the mend. A metal plate will assist with the bones healing in the correct position. Hunter will be in for regular check-ups until the bones are fully healed.

Dr Rohan was lending a hand in our small animal surgery, completing the castrations on our re-home kittens. It certainly was a change compared to the regular creatures he normally treats.

Dr Dan cared for a Joey with a fracture to its leg.


Marlowe and Matisse attended the clinic together to have their smiles brightened. I think we can see who likes their picture taken

Haji had a tummy upset and was provided care at the clinic

Buddy came in for a routine check-up. He was very well behaved for us

It certainly has been a busy week. Now time for a nap followed by a good night sleep. Have a wonderful 7 days. See you all next week.

Love, Barry.

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