Sep 05 2019

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Hello everyone,

The sun is out! I am starting to see some regular walkers in the morning when I have my morning stretch in the fresh air. It’s so lovely to be out there. I’d love to see some of your photo’s in the sunshine. Send them through my blog reply or via our Facebook page. 

I’m so happy to see Dr Russell return from his holiday in Brazil. He plays fun games with me and I really missed that over the past few weeks. Pearl is being a wimp with the bruise she has on her tail and doesn’t want to play at the moment. I honestly don’t know how she got it, I swear it wasn’t me, but she sooks any time someone goes near it. She was sooky enough to want pain relief. Get over it girl, it’s just a bruise!

The humans are also organizing new business cards and I am on them! So famous!
Don’t worry all you other fur babies….. the humans are also going to run a competition where your own human can enter your photo to potentially go on a card too. Keep an eye out for the details on Facebook.

Nurse Tania was trying to take over my computer and said it was hers! How am I supposed to work when she won’t share? 

Like my Back pack? It’s cute but I can’t walk properly with it on. And I can’t reach to get my treats out of it. 

Lucky my bowl has plenty of food in it

Ok peeps, catch you all next week, enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.



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