Aug 19 2021

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This week, my humans have commenced some training of a new task that will take place for the beginning of the equine breeding season. With equine critters starting a big season, our nurses will be completing the pathology testing side of the work within the clinic. This looks interesting. My vets will be collecting samples from the mares for the nursing staff to finalize the analysis. Clever humans!
These tasks require very specific temperatures for holding all the samples!

I made sure that I could hear all instructions provided with the training

We had AJ in for a dental procedure this week. This guy loves his cuddles! Nurse Tanya was very willing to help out in this field.

Pippi visited after an altercation with a friend. She was a very good patient.

Cleo was in for a clean up of her teeth.

Nurse Bianca celebrated her birthday. The humans had cake. Manager Travis enjoyed it

My humans have been completing lots of dental and oral health checks. This patient was needing a clean up. Those pesky teeth sitting right up the back where it’s hard to see can cause bad breath, gingivitis and other issues.

We had Sam in for a clean up of his teeth. Some dogs can be super fluffy so our nurses create special head bands to protect their hair from catching the run off from the procedures. Sam is sporting one of these special head bands in his photo:

Sam had a great anaesthetic and will be feeling like a new dog after the removal of some badly damaged teeth. The remaining healthy teeth have been cleaned up and polished ready to rock a beautiful new smile.

We recently also had to resort back to our contactless consulting. Some of our patients tested out the comfort of the consult rooms. Boss, Kyza and Cookie all enjoyed the visits

Luckily, our doors are open to the regional clients again and I am thoroughly enjoying the company! I’ve said hello to so many people, it’s exhausting! Hopefully once this ring of steel has been removed again, we can open our doors to all clients from the metro areas too!
I feel like when I’m asleep in my teepee, that I am still dreaming of people coming to say hello.
Sometimes, I just need some space to relax. Dr Russell helps wrap me into a nice warm bed and I reminisce about the day gone by and the friends that I have seen.

So on that note, I will love you and leave you for another 7 days. Looking forward to your cuddles.

Love always,


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