Sep 15 2021

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This week I thought I would update you on a recent addition to Receptionist Jayne’s household. Her furry friend, Zillah, had a litter of puppies and we have been watching them grow.
They are funny little creatures. But cute in a way.

And my ever so popular friend Dr Rohan celebrated a birthday this week. Being COVID safe, he waved his hands over the candles to extinguish the flames of the candles. Manager Travis is lucky enough to share his birthday with Dr Rohan but Travis decided to spend his birthday without this special cake.

Nugget the goat came in for an anaesthetic for his procedure. This was one very talkative goat!

Our joey pictured below, was sedated to enable my humans to complete some radiograph imaging of his head. Seems that all bone structures were fine so he will continue on with some medications to help him feel better while in the care of our wildlife life heroes.

Nurse Kim cuddled up to this little puppy.
Can you guess the breed?
Hint: males can grow to around 75kg, females can grow up to around 70kg. It is a mastiff like breed, thought to have originated in South Africa. It can come in a range of different colours including Black, Brindle, Fawn, Piebald, Cream, Mahogany, Brown, Red



Answer: Boerboel

Brooke the Boxer booked in to test a lump

Cavi hung out with us while we try to get to the bottom of her nasal issues

Sasha waited patiently to have her teeth cleaned while her sister Pippin had hers polished up

I am thoroughly enjoying the humans coming through the doors again. Please keep in mind that the policies for my humans are forever changing and our social media platforms can help you keep up to date.
If you have any concerns or questions about our current policies, our reception staff will talk you through them.
See you all soon.

Love, Barry

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