Oct 07 2020

Basic First Aid Kit

First aid kits can come in handy at any time of the year. Incidents can occur in the middle of a beautiful summer day, or in the middle of the night in winter when the rain is pouring down.
Having some equipment on hand will help you familiarise yourself with treating emergencies with basic first aid.

We have compiled a list to help start your first aid kit. Other products can be added as you like and to suit your requirements. All equipment should be kept together in an enclosed box or container. Storage is ideally indoors at room temperature or below


Basic First Aid Kit

Chlorhexidine or Iodine- Mixed as per directions. This is used to clean wounds. These are not intended for use near the eyes

Non Ionised Salt – Mixed with pre boiled water to clean/ irrigate wounds

Swabs – Used to apply and clean wounds

Antiseptic – Applied after wounds are cleaned and dried, assists with reducing infection

Non-stick dressing – Applied directly to wounds

Padding – Provide coverage to wound and reduce swelling

Elastoplast – Secures dressing in place

Poultice – Draws out infection from hoof abscesses

Thermometer – Determine temperature of horse, helps indicate if infection present

Pen & Paper – Write; dates/ times/ treatments applied

Scissors – Cut dressing materials

Small bowl – For mixing chlorhexidine/ iodine based products

Gloves – Worn when cleaning wounds

Emergency Phone List – Local veterinary clinics, friends or family who can assist

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If you require any of this stock for your kit, it is available at the Gisborne Veterinary Clinic or, if you would like to purchase the entire kit from us, these are available on request.

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