Feb 23 2022

Equine Gastroscope Day

Do you think your horse might have ulcers?


If your horse has unexplained:
  • -weight loss
  • -poor coat quality
  • -behavioural changes
  • -mild colic
  • -inappetance
  • -failure to thrive
  • -poor performance
Then it is worth considering EGUS (Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome).


EGUS is a multifactorial condition of the equine stomach where the mucosa (lining of the stomach wall)  loses integrity and forms an ulceration. The only way to definitively diagnose this condition is by looking with a camera into the stomach (gastroscopy). This is also the way we check to see if treatment has been effective!
For $180 you will receive a full equine consultation, sedation and a comprehensive gastroscopic examination of your horse’s upper digestive tract.
Treatments and recommendations will be indicated by the veterinarian at the time of appointment.Hurry and don’t miss this opportunity as limited spots are available!!
More information regarding preparing your horse for gastroscopy will be provided to clients upon booking.

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