Nov 08 2023

Feline vaccine shortage

At Gisborne Vets, we have always been dedicated to providing the best possible care for your pets. Today, we are writing to inform you about a situation that affects our ability to deliver the following services: Feline F3 and FIV vaccines.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, there is currently a global shortage of feline vaccines that is affecting vet clinics worldwide. This situation is due to various factors, with supply chain disruptions from the manufacturer being the main challenge. While this is an issue that our vaccine suppliers and manufacturers are actively working to resolve, on a clinic level we need to ensure we are prioritising the limited vaccine doses we have available. In conjunction with the Australian Veterinary Association, we have established a priority system for administering vaccines to best serve the needs of our feline patients.

When cats have had their full kitten vaccines, their immunity will often be strong and durable.

We have prioritised kittens and need to delay adult boosters where possible. With a collective approach from all veterinary clinics, we increase our chances of preventing outbreaks of feline respiratory diseases and panleukopenia in the cat community. Until the supply chain is re-established, we must prioritise at-risk cats.

What should I do if I receive a reminder that my cat is due a vaccine?

Please call us to discuss your individual circumstances where we can assess your cat’s specific needs and recommend the best course of action based on their health, lifestyle and risk factors. We still recommend an annual vet visit and full health examination. Annual health checks are essential for your cat’s wellbeing. Health checks are designed to assess your cat’s overall health, detect any underlying medical conditions, and ensure they are on the right track for a long and healthy life.

What will happen in this Health Check appointment?

Your vet will conduct a full physical examination to check for any signs of illness, discomfort, or abnormality. We also discuss preventative measures such as parasite control and nutrition to keep your cat in optimal health. During the appointment the vet will review your cat’s vaccination status and history and determine the best course of action to ensure their protection against preventable disease. This is also an excellent opportunity to answer questions or express concerns you may have about your cat’s well-being.  You will be charged a regular consult fee


Once vaccines arrive:

If your cat has attended the clinic for an Annual Health check appointment within the last 6 months in the absence of vaccines, you will only be charged the cost of the vaccine once supply has been reinstated.
Note: You will need to have had a general health check.  If no General Health check – then you will be charged normal vaccine / Consult appointment charges

Why do I keep receiving reminders?

We appreciate that it can be annoying to receive reminders that your cat is overdue for vaccination. If you would like these reminders turned off, you can use our unsubscribe function or contact the clinic on 03 5428 2805 and the staff can update the system with your preference.  We will give you a courtesy call once the supply issues are resolved, though we recommend keeping the reminders switched on.

We understand that these priorities may not align perfectly with your individual circumstances, and we appreciate your understanding as we navigate this shortage. Our team remain committed to your pet’s wellbeing and will do our best to assist you during this challenging time. We will keep you updated as the vaccine situation evolves.

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