Jan 08 2020

Mental health and well-being of your Veterinarian

At the Gisborne Veterinary Clinic, we are so fortunate to have passionate and dedicated nurses and vets. Many veterinarians have wanted to be vets since they were young children and working with animal was always their desire.
This means they are heavily invested in their patient care and their compassion and empathy for both pets in their care and owners, which is upper most in their minds. 
This however, can lead them to forget that the heavy workload , high levels of responsibility and repeated exposure to trauma, suffering and euthanasia, may take a toll on their mental well being. Here at the Gisborne Veterinary Clinic, we make a concerted effort to acknowledge, manage and care for our staffs’ mental well-being with dedicated policies, meetings and education. In this way, we hope to support our vets and nurses so they can continue to do their best work and care for your four legged family members.

It makes a big difference to our staff when our clients  are appreciative and verbally express their gratefulness for the care and treatment provided, and this can really make a big impact on their mental resilience and happiness.

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One thought on “Mental health and well-being of your Veterinarian”

  1. Sue May says:

    I am always impressed & so grateful for your genuine compassion & the care you provide to all of our animals.

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