Mar 19 2020

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Corona Virus. COVID-19

Of course that is what is on all of our thoughts at the moment. Glad I’m not one to require toilet paper. My environmentally friendly litter can be disposed of in the FOGO.

But along with the rest of the world, we are being cautious. The humans have put some guidelines in place for my protection and have also provided information on how humans are to act upon arrival into my home.


We have hand sanitizer for humans to utilize on entry to the clinic.

We have markings to guide the humans of where they should stand.

We have hand sanitizer in each consult room. The humans said we need to use this sparingly because we are low on stock and haven’t been able to get more. But we can alternate between antibacterial hand wash.

We have Glen 20 for the air

And a cool box for my isolation space.

I have also been helping with the pathology maintenance

The humans have been doing photo shoots of themselves

Handsome fellas

Pearl has been viewing the clinic from her special viewing platform

And we had some well behaved patients. Also assessed by Pearl

And 1 out of 3 of my little friends have found a new home. When they are big enough, they will head off to their new families.The 2 boys are still available for adoption (PERN: EE108524)

I hope you are all coping well if you are in isolation. It can get boring at times. Unless you’re a cat. Then you can sleep the day away. And that means nap time for me.

Enjoy your week.

Cheers, Barry.

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