Oct 15 2020

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My friend Sparky has decided to run her own competition. She has taken some time to show off her physique so you can guess what breed she is. She has also convinced me to allow a $20 prize to spend at my clinic if you guess her breed correctly. All guesses need to be by private message on Facebook. What ever breed she is, she’s a good friend to me.

Our patients this week have visited for such a variety of reasons- torn nails, lameness, lumps, dental procedures, blood pressure monitoring (did you know that cats and dogs get high blood pressure?). It certainly has been a busy week. 

With the warm weather just around the corner, I plan to bathe in the luscious sunshine. Just be careful of any of the snakes who also like to enjoy catching some rays. They will normally keep to themselves, but just incase your cat or dog decide that they are fun to play with, check out our article that lists some symptoms associated with snake bites- https://gisbornevets.com.au/snake-bites/ 

We celebrated Vet Nurse Day on October 9th with a small buffet of ham & cheese croissants, cookies and chocolate cake. Delicious!
This is one heck of an amazing team!



My weekly wildlife, joeys and possums.

Nurse Amy had a birthday. We celebrated with more cake. These humans absolutely love their cake!

And to finish up, next week we will see a new vet starting! My new friend is Holly. I am really looking forward to welcoming her into my clinic. But until then, have a fantastic week. See you all in 7 days.

Love always,

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