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  • Equine Cushing’s Disease

    Mar 04 2020

    gisbornevc | News & information

    Equine Cushing Disease (ECD)  ( Also called PPID) This is a condition caused by abnormality of the pituitary gland at the base of the horse’s brain. The disease send abnormal…

  • Pre-anaesthetic Blood testing

    Feb 19 2020

    gisbornevc | News & information

    At the time of admission for any anaesthesia or sedation for your pet you will often be asked if you would like a pre-anaesthetic blood profile to be run.  What…

  • Parasites: Intestinal worms

    Feb 10 2020

    gisbornevc | News & information

    Intestinal Worms are present in your pets from birth. They live in all types of animals and some types of worms can be zoonotic, meaning it can also transfer from…

  • Parasites: fleas & ticks

    Feb 02 2020

    gisbornevc | News & information

    Fleas, ticks. If you have a pet, you will at some point here about these parasites that may affect the health and comfort of your pet, young or adult. They…

  • Snake bites

    Jan 23 2020

    gisbornevc | News & information

    By Dr Russell Dyer   In Australia there may be 60,000 cases of snake bites per year of dogs and cats. Up to 15,000 deaths of pets may occur. Climate…

  • Mental health and well-being of your Veterinarian

    Jan 08 2020

    gisbornevc | News & information

    At the Gisborne Veterinary Clinic, we are so fortunate to have passionate and dedicated nurses and vets. Many veterinarians have wanted to be vets since they were young children and…

  • Preventing heat stress in pets

    Dec 05 2019

    gisbornevc | News & information

    When the warmer weather is on its way, please be alert to the potential danger to your pets of heatstroke (also known as heat stress). Heatstroke is a common issue…

  • Bush fire season. Are you prepared?

    Nov 27 2019

    gisbornevc | News & information

    With the weather warming up and bush fire season steadily looming towards us, it is important to make sure that we are prepared in case of a fire. Putting some…

  • What is a Tonometer ?

    Oct 24 2019

    gisbornevc | News & information

    We are excited to announce the arrival of a new piece of equipment which will be an invaluable tool in the assessment of ocular conditions in dogs, cats and horses. A…

  • Progesterone Testing in dogs

    Oct 24 2019

    gisbornevc | News & information

    Our modern blood testing machinery at the Gisborne Veterinary Clinic is now running in-house progesterone testing in bitches. These tests will allow treating veterinarians to predict the optimal time for…